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Northbury Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3's year group page.


In year 3, the class teachers are:

Miss Clarke (3C)

Mrs Zaverchand (3Z)

Mrs Osman (3O)

Mr Akwa (3A)


On this page, you will find links to our home learning pages as well as other websites you may find useful.

We will be displaying some of the exciting learning that has taken place in Year 3. Please keep an eye on this page for more throughout the year.



Rotten Romans


In Spring 2, Year 3 focused on the life and times of those Rotten Romans.

The children learned about:

  • The rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Significant figures such as Julius Caesar and Boudicca.
  • Pompeii and the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
  • Chariot Racing and how it entertained many people.

Please have a look below at the wonderful pieces of work they produced in their English lessons.