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Northbury Primary School

Northbury Primary School

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All school uniform is now sold online


We expect every child to wear our school uniform everyday.


  • Blouse/Shirt: White or light blue
  • Jumper/cardigan: Navy blue with school logo
  • Knee length skirt or long trousers: Navy blue or black
  • Summer dress (knee length): Blue and white check
  • Shalwar Kameez/ Kurta pyjama: Navy blue or black
  • Dupatta/ Turban/ Hijab: Navy blue, black or white (plain)
  • Headbands: Navy blue, black or white (plain)
  • Shoes: Black with flat heels (Trainers cannot be worn to school, only for P.E lessons)




Children MUST have a P.E kit to change into, which should be kept in a clearly labelled P.E bag.It should be kept in school and taken home and washed regularly. All jewelry must be removed.


  • T-shirt: White or light blue
  • Shorts: Navy blue or black
  • Tracksuit: Navy blue or black
  • Plimsoles / trainers: Black or white
  • Football shirts or shirts with logos are NOT allowed.


Swimming Kit


  • Swimming costume: One piece /Islamic swimwear
  • Swimming trunks: No baggy /Bermuda shorts
  • Swimming hats: Available in the office