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Spring 2: Tropical Rain


Tropical Rain 





Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and restful half-term break, and that you're now feeling energised and ready for the new half-term. The theme in Year 6 for this half-term is 'Tropical rain'.




In English this half term, year 6 are continuing to read the book “Journey to the River Sea”. We will also read and study the book “The Vanishing Rainforest”. It tells the story of the impact of deforestation on the Brazilian rainforest from the point of view of a young member of the Yanomamo tribe. Using this text, year 6 will be creating their own writing, including persuasive argument, debate and narrative – evaluating authors’ style.




With a focus on all pupils achieving mastery in mathematics, the first few weeks will cover measure – imperial and metric measures. Children will then explore and calculate the perimeter, area, and volume of a range of 2D and 3D shapes. Children will continue to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills while exploring efficient methods. All pupils must have quick and fluent recall of times tables and related division facts to 12x12. We encourage pupils to access TTRS stars, at least 5 times a week, to practice their multiplication and division skills. 




Pupils will embark on an educational journey as they explore maps and websites to gain a deeper understanding of the Maya civilization and its environment. They will examine the various regions the Maya inhabited and compare them to modern day locations. Through sketches, pupils will recreate the different ecological zones of the Maya, including the coast, highlands, lowlands, and incorporate the various plants and animals that inhabited the region. To further their understanding of the Maya culture, pupils will also research the trade goods that were commonly exchanged, such as cacao beans, feathers, jade, and obsidian. 




In science, pupils will develop their understanding of evaluation and inheritance. They will explore the concept of inheritance, including the characteristics that are passed from one generation to the next, and how species have adapted over time to suit their environments. To further their understanding, pupils will learn about the process of natural selection, a key component of the theory of evolution. Through a thorough examination of the history of evolutionary theory, pupils will gain an appreciation for how our understanding of evolution has developed over time through the work of pioneering scientists and palaeontologists. This topic will equip students with a strong foundation in the fundamental principles of genetics and evolution and inspire them to continue exploring these fields.




In art, pupils will delve into the rich and diverse world of Mayan art. They will examine the various forms of art that were prevalent during the Mayan era and explore how these styles continue to influence the art created by their descendants. The pupils will also study the work of prominent Mayan artist, Julian Coche Mendoza, whose Mayan heritage serves as a source of inspiration for his captivating artworks. This will provide the students with a unique perspective on the cultural significance and timeless beauty of Mayan art.





This half term the topic for PE will be Invasion games (Outdoor and Indoor) and the sports the children will be learning are Basketball and Football. During PE, through these sports, children will be learning key skills: developing strength, speed, agility and control; isolation and combination and simple techniques when attacking and defending. These skills will be taught to emphasise collaborative teamwork to score in isolation or a variety of game situations. By the end of the half term, children will be able to show how they have improved through the analysis of past performance.  




In PSHE, we are discussing our dreams for the future and setting personal goals to achieve. We are continuing to focus on our well-being by completing a variety of calming tasks and learning about our rights through Rights Respecting, we will be covering different articles each week as a regular set of learning activities which will be centred on a specific article for children to learn and understand.


Homework mat


Check out our half-term homework mat, try and complete some of the activities at home.