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Autumn 2: Crime, Punishment and the Executioner


The theme, in year 6, for this half term is “Crime and Punishment”, looking at crimes and punishments through time. 




In English, year 6 are reading the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar, which links to our theme: “Crime and Punishment”. The story follows a boy, Stanley Yelnats, whose bad luck means he is sent to a juvenile detention centre, called Camp Green Lake. Here, he and his fellow campmates are forced to dig holes to build character, but all is not as it seems. Using this text, year 6 will be creating their own writing, including: an informal letter, a non-chronological report and a newspaper article.




This half term, we will be focusing on arithmetic and undergoing learning in fractions and position and direction. We will be exploring mental and written methods to solve problems using the four operations linked to fractions. Children will continue to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills while exploring efficient methods. All pupils must have quick and fluent recall of times tables and related division facts to 12x12. We encourage pupils to access Times Tables Rock stars, at least 5 times a week, to practice their multiplication and division skills.



In Topic, we are looking at crime and punishment throughout the ages. From the Romans to modern Britain, we look at some of the most brutal punishments throughout history. To link in with our Topic work, art is focused around street art and whether it is considered art or vandalism. We will be studying the UK graffiti artist, Banksy. 


In science we will be looking at body health in relation to healthy diet, exercise and the effect of legal and illegal drug use.


In computing pupils will be introduced to the creation of websites for a chosen purpose. They will identify what makes a good web page and use this information to design and evaluate their own website using Google Sites.


In outdoor PE we will be focusing on hockey skills and in indoor PE pupils will develop their understanding of different dance styles.



In PSHE, we are discussing acceptance and celebrating the differences that make us unique. We are continuing to focus on our well-being by completing a variety of calming tasks and learning about our rights through Rights Respecting. This term we will be covering articles: 2, 12 & 19, with a focus on anti-bullying.


Autumn 2 - homework mat


Check out our half-term homework mat, try and complete some of the activities at home.