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Northbury Primary School

Northbury Primary School

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Autumn 2: Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic



The theme for this half term in year 2 is 'Monkey Magic'.


English: Non-fiction - newspaper reports, fact files 

Maths: Place value, addition and subtraction and measurement (money)

Humanities: Geography - Let's Go to the Jungle

Art/ DT: Textiles

Science: Living Things and Their Habitats


PHSE: Celebrating Difference



This half term, pupils will learn about celebrating differences. They will explore stereotypes about boys and girls, understanding both similarities and differences positively. Additionally, they will gain insights into why bullying occurs, learning to empathise with those who are bullied and develop strategies to stand up for themselves and others. Pupils will also learn how to make new friends and appreciate the value of friendship. Finally, they will have the opportunity to reflect on their own differences and recognise the importance of diversity in making each individual special and unique.