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Summer 1: Pump It Up!

Pump It Up!



Welcome back, Year 6! We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday and that you're feeling refreshed and energised for the new half-term ahead. This half-term, our theme is 'Pump It Up!', and we can't wait to explore this exciting topic together.




Get ready for an exciting half-term as we explore the fascinating worlds of Macbeth and blood. As we explore the subject of blood, we will join the knowledgeable Dr Blood and discover the many wonders of this vital bodily fluid. From the process of blood creation to the creatures that depend on it, we will explore every aspect of this fascinating subject. Alongside our exploration of blood, we will hone our persuasive writing skills and learn how to write for specific purposes. Furthermore, we will delve into the life of Macbeth and write a biography that does justice to this iconic character. Through careful research and thoughtful reflection, we will develop a deep understanding of Macbeth's life and legacy.




This half-term children will learn what the mathematical mean is and how to calculate it and they will consider when using the mean is particularly useful, for example when comparing sets of data of different sizes. Children will also learn what a pie chart is and how to interpret one, they will compare tally charts and bar charts and learn when a pie chart is the best way to display data. Children will continue to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills while exploring efficient methods. All pupils must have quick and fluent recall of times tables and related division facts to 12x12. We encourage pupils to access TTRS stars, at least 5 times a week, to practice their multiplication and division skills. 




The topic for this half term is "Animals Including Humans". Pupils will learn about the human circulatory system and the functions of its main parts - the heart, blood vessels, and blood. They will also understand how diet, exercise, drugs, and lifestyle impact their bodies' functioning and how nutrients and water are transported in animals, including humans. By the end of the half term, children will have a secure understanding of how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy.




Children will explore the theme of 'Medicine' to gain a comprehensive understanding of historical chronology from prehistory to modern times. They will learn about medical beliefs, practices, significant figures, and advancements during each period. By the end of the unit, students will be able to sequence key historical periods, recognise the wider applicability of these periods beyond medicine, and identify significant medical developments.




During this unit, pupils will explore the qualities, roles, and significance of leaders in various religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Pupils will learn about the impact these leaders have today and will be encouraged to ask important questions about them. For example, "Who was the Prophet Muhammad and why do people follow him today?" or "What can we learn from Guru Nanak?" This unit is designed to develop pupils' enquiry skills and encourage them to think critically about the influence and inspiration of religious leaders on their lives and the lives of others.




Children learn more about mental health and how to take care of their own mental well-being. They explore the grief cycle and its various stages and discuss the different causes of grief and loss. The children learn about people who can try to control them or have power over them. They investigate online safety, learning how to judge if something is safe and helpful, as well as talking about communicating with friends and family in a positive and safe way. We are continuing to focus on our well-being by completing a variety of calming tasks and learning about our rights through Rights Respecting. We will be covering different articles each week as a regular set of learning activities which will be centred on a specific article for children to learn and understand.


Homework mat


Check out our half-term homework mat, try and complete some of the activities at home.