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Northbury Primary School

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At Northbury Primary School, we aim to provide a caring and sharing environment, which is conducive to effective teaching and learning. We seek to develop self confidence, respect and tolerance towards others. We seek to promote a happy, welcoming atmosphere where each child feels valued and is enthusiastic to learn to his/her potential.



1. To encourage our children to participate with enthusiasm in the full life of the school making the most of all the opportunities they are given within both the formal curriculum and extra curricular activities.


2. To provide a broad and balanced, differentiated curriculum which is challenging and suitably matched to their needs and interests so that they will acquire understanding and the ability to apply what they have learnt in a variety of situations.


3. To expect good behaviour as set out in our Behaviour Policy which encourages individual responsibility, self-discipline, respect for individuals and authority and the various cultures represented in our community.


4. To enrich the lives of our children by developing awareness of spiritual and moral issues so that they are able to make informed decisions and show respect for the religious beliefs and values of others.


5. To encourage our children to appreciate and celebrate the achievements of others and themselves.


6. To help children develop a sense of community and an understanding of their own role within the community and how their own behaviour contributes to a happy, caring atmosphere which is beneficial to all.


7. To play a valuable part within the local community on a reciprocal basis by fostering good links with parents, governors, individuals, agencies, feeder schools, religious groups and businesses.