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Autumn 1: Don’t Stop Believing!

Don't stop believing!



Welcome, fantastic Year 2 learners! We're delighted to welcome you back as we begin an exciting new journey together. We hope you had a wonderful break and are excited about the upcoming adventure. For this Autumn 1, our theme is 'Don't Stop Believing.' Get ready for a world of imagination, discovery, and learning that will inspire you to believe in yourselves and your dreams!




In English this half term, Year 2 is reading a range of stories, including 'Operation Night Monster' and 'Silly Billy'.


Operation Night Monster deals with themes of imagination and facing fears. It tells the story of a young boy who embarks on a nighttime adventure to confront the monsters he believes are lurking in the dark. The story of Silly Billy focuses on a young boy named Billy who worries about everything. His grandmother helps him cope with his anxiety by introducing him to worry dolls. Using these texts, Year 2 will be creating their own writing, including character descriptions, retellings of the stories, and a formal letter




In Maths, pupils will focus on understanding and working with numbers up to 100. They will use their knowledge of place value to sort, compare, and order numbers. Building on their Year 1 number bonds to 10, children will extend this understanding to number bonds within 20. They will learn to write fact families, relate addition and subtraction, and use inverse operations to check their work. The concept of ‘make 10’ will be introduced to aid mental calculations. Once these foundations are solid, children will learn the column method for addition and subtraction, supported by various visual representations to ensure a strong conceptual and procedural understanding.




This half term in History, pupils will explore the lives and legacies of courageous female activists who fought against unfairness. They will learn about Rosa Parks, whose brave refusal to give up her seat on a bus became a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement, and Malala Yousafzai, who stood up for girls' education despite facing great danger. Through these inspiring stories, students will understand the impact of individual actions in challenging injustice and promoting equality. This unit will encourage pupils to reflect on the importance of courage and activism in shaping a fairer world.




In Science this half term, pupils will investigate the basic needs of animals, including humans, and how they survive. They will learn about the essential requirements for life, such as food, water, shelter, and air. Students will explore how different animals meet these needs in various environments through engaging activities and discussions. They will also study the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for humans. This unit will help pupils understand the fundamental principles of survival and the relationships between animals and their habitats.




This half term in Art, pupils will explore the elements of art through the works of Pablo Picasso. They will start by creating a doodle that reflects themselves using the seven elements of art. Pupils will then draw and colour self-portraits using mixed media, and learn how to draw individual facial features, including eyes, mouths, and noses. The unit culminates in creating a Picasso-inspired self-portrait, where students will apply their skills to draw facial features from an abstract perspective. This final piece will showcase their understanding of Picasso's style and the elements of art.


PHSE: Being Me in My World


This half-term, pupils will explore hopes and fears, understand their rights and responsibilities, and learn about rewards and consequences in their class. They will discuss and contribute to creating a safe and fair classroom environment, understand the importance of following the Class Charter, and work cooperatively towards learning goals.