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Northbury Primary School

Northbury Primary School

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Attendance Information


At Northbury we believe that good attendance is essential to achieving good outcomes for pupils. We also believe that promoting good attendance is a whole school responsibility.



To encourage our pupils to have the best attendance possible, we have the following reward systems in place:


Weekly Attendance Rewards

The class with the highest attendance in each Key stage is awarded a GOLDEN TICKET in Friday’s celebration assemblies. They also receive a cup, certificate and extra playtime from the head teacher.


Term Attendance rewards.

The class with the most golden tickets for the term receives a special treat i.e. cinema trip

Each child with 100% attendance will be presented with a certificate and their names will be entered into an end of year raffle draw to win a grand prize

Three terms with 100% will receive a gold certificate, badge and a book.

If you have any concerns regarding your child's attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the schools Attendance Manager.