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We stand together with New Zealand

We stand together with New Zealand


We are indeed all shocked by the recent events in New Zealand, and our thoughts and prayers are with the community and families who have suffered such a horrific ordeal. This was  a callous crime against a peaceful community, as unfortunately  all such events have been.

As a school we are always aware of the level of responsibility we have of ensuring the safety of all our pupils and staff,  but such circumstances always make us reflect on our own procedures. 

Our own systems within our Critical incident plan have been approved by the LA, and our Governing body. We are always in close contact with the LA, and the police, and remind our staff of their roles in such cases. We reflect on our own systems in light of events, but also generally, and modify them as we see appropriate. 

I hope my reassurances help you a little;  although we are all aware that such levels of violence is premeditated,  planned out, and come with a degree of fear that none of us can even imagine or preconceive. 


I have passed your concerns to the Local Authority, and they too send a message of support to New Zealand:


Following the news of the terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand, Cllr Darren Rodwell, Leader of the Council said:

“We share the horror and disbelief at the tragic loss of life following the terrorist attacks on the two mosques in New Zealand. On behalf of the Council and our local community, we stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand, the families who have been affected by this atrocity as well as the wider Muslim community. We utterly reject the far right ideology behind these attacks. And we stand united in sharing longstanding British values of tolerance, diversity and respect for all communities.”