We believe that parents and carers have a vital part to play in a child’s education and, therefore, we want to develop close links between home and school. 

We would like you to:

  • support the school's aims and objectives;
  • encourage self-discipline in your child by reinforcing the school's behaviour policy;
  • ensure your child attends school regularly;
  • ensure your child arrives at school by 8.45 a.m.;
  • keep us informed of anything that happens at home which might cause changes in the behaviour or attitude of your child;
  • support school activities such as Year Group Assemblies and extra curricular activities such as after school clubs, curriculum workshops for parents and Parents' Consultation Evenings.

Help in School

Your help during school time is very welcome, especially if you are able to offer it on a regular basis each week.  There are, however, always some jobs needing to be done if you can only spare an occasional hour.  Your help can be used for practical activities in the classroom as well as helping with the library or to run clubs during lunchtimes or after school.  Please see Mrs. Haqqani if you feel you are able to help in school.

Home/School Association (Parent Council....if interested contact Mrs Zuta)

The HSA was formed to:

  • enhance the welfare of the children and promote parental involvement in all areas of the school;
  • maintain and foster the social and cultural distinctiveness of the school;
  • assist in raising funds for specific educational resources in order to raise pupil achievement.

All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the Association.  Please see the headteacher if you would like to know more.


Please ensure that we have a contact telephone number for you in case we need to get in touch with you urgently.  Change of address and places of work, telephone number, doctor, etc. should be notified as they occur. 

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