This document sets out our approach to homework.  It was developed as a result of discussions between staff, governors and parents.


We believe that partnership between parents and teachers is the most effective way of improving children's learning.

Why do we do homework?

  • to raise pupils' attainment
  • to reinforce and revise work done in class
  • to carry out fixed programmes of work
  • to extend learning
  • to encourage independent learning
  • to keep parents informed about work done in school and their children's progress.

What types of homework?

  • reading; character studies; comprehensions; story writing; spellings; book reviews
  • maths: studying timetables; mental calculations; problem solving
  • SATs revision
  • completing work started at school
  • carrying out research in history, geography and science

How much time per day?

Years 3 & 4:              about 20 to 30 minutes per day
Year 5:                       about 30 to 45 minutes per day
Year 6:                       about one hour per day

The school will:

  • provide pupils with weekly tasks to complete at home;
  • keep parents informed of work done in class through termly newsletters and parents' evenings;
  • provide parents with a list of recommended books and activities for homework;
  • run Booster classes.

How parents can help:

  • ensure that your child completes the homework and returns the work on the correct day;
  • share a book with your child each day;
  • sit with your child and talk about what s/he is doing - offer help and support;
  • ensure that books are returned to school each day;
  • purchase books, CDs, charts and other materials that will help your child extend his/her learning.

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