Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are frequently offered by teachers and outside agencies before school, during the lunch hour or after school.  These can include football, cricket, Koranic prayer, Bible club, drama, netball, media, maths, choir, dance, international, recorders, reading, fitness, fencing and basketball.

Music tuition is also available in school time for those pupils who show a particular interest in learning a musical instrument.  This is provided by the borough music service at a reasonable cost.

Educational visits

Children at Northbury often go on educational visits to enrich their classroom work.  Government legislation means that we may only ask for voluntary contributions to cover the costs of such visits and that no children should be excluded if their parents/carers should choose not to make a contribution.  However, we do value these visits and so would encourage you as parents, where possible, to make a contribution.  Parents/carers will be kept informed about the nature of intended visits.

Educational trips include: the Science Museum; a boat trip along the Thames; the Olympic Stadium; the Natural History Museum; the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood; local places of worship; Westminster Abbey; the Royal Albert Hall for concerts; the British Museum.

The school also gives an opportunity for all the year 6 pupils to go on a residential trip for three days, normally in the summer term.  For the last few years, pupils have gone to Treejumpers, an activity centre in Kent.  We also make use of an activity centre in Upminster with the year 5 pupils.

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